How is this event different from other career fairs?

North Dakota has numerous exciting career opportunities across our public and private sector industries, and literally thousands of job openings throughout the state. Recruiting and retaining workforce to help our state fulfill its potential, continue to grow the economy, and provide rewarding career options for our students are top priorities for the state’s leaders.  

In fact, a key finding from a 2018 Workforce Development Council Report to the Governor was the need to connect students earlier with career options to help meet current and future workforce needs. That’s why Dakota Strike is open to students in grades 7 – 12 and college with educational break-out sessions tailored more specifically to 10th and 11th graders as they explore all of the state’s exciting career paths. 

Why is the event ‘technology focused’ - what if I’m not interested in computer science?

Technology transforms and enables humans’ ability to achieve ever-increasing levels of productivity. Today, fundamental 21st century skills like computer science and cybersecurity are as important as math, science or reading as rapid technological advancements continue to transform entire industries. In the digital age, every consumer and business relies on Information Technology infrastructure and skills to interact and conduct business.  

Dakota Strike’s multi-sector focus offers students the opportunity to explore numerous careers in state and federal government, the Armed Services, and industries ranging from healthcare to energy, agriculture and beyond - and learn more about the technological transformations impacting them all. 

This event builds on the vibrant career exploration and workforce development ecosystem in the state. It also provides employers with a dynamic, cost-effective recruitment avenue to help identify candidates for a variety of hiring needs.

What other opportunities will students/participants experience at Dakota Strike?

Several unique components of Dakota Strike include: 

  • The event integrates results from Student Interest Inventories and CTE programming in order to help students complete “Choice Ready” career activities.  
  • A Dakota Strike Mobile Application Competition with cash prizes; 
  • A digital “Capture the Flag” competition that will be held in advance of the event, with winners announced at the event; 
  • An E-Sports gaming simulator where students can experience competitive gaming in a cyber/digital sports environment, and compete for cash prizes; 
  • Multiple simulator experiences including virtual reality, cyber and aviation-based opportunities. 
  • And every student who attends the event will be able to compete for prizes that will be given out throughout the day.
What if my business doesn’t have a presence in Fargo? Can I still exhibit?

Yes! The Fargodome provides an event venue well-equipped to accommodate the 2,000 – 4,000 participants expected; however, exhibitors from all parts of North Dakota are encouraged to participate.  

In fact, the goal of Dakota Strike is to provide a comprehensive array of job opportunities reflecting the diversity of the state’s economy and numerous career paths. All vendors and exhibitors from start-ups to corporate entities are welcome! 

How is the event being funded?

The event is being funded through a collaborative effort by the coordinating and sponsoring organizations including a workforce development grant and contributions by: North Dakota Information Technology, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, North Dakota Career and Technical Education, NDIT-EduTech, Fargo U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command, Naval Reserve Operations Center, Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, NICERC, North Dakota Army National Guard, North Dakota Air National Guard, the North Dakota University System, TechND, the North Dakota Department of Commerce, the U.S. Army Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Station Twin Cities, Navy Talent Acquisition Group Northern Plains, U.S. Air Force 343d Recruiting Station, NASA, the Fargo Moorhead Chamber of Commerce, and SkySkopes. This event would not be possible without the tremendous support of numerous stakeholders and partners.