Capture the Flag


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The virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is being hosted by NICERC, the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center, in advance of Dakota Strike. Winning teams participating in this online cyber competition will receive micro:bit-enabled Parallax cyber:bots. The competition will run from noon CT Tuesday, March 24, until noon the following day. Students in grades 7 -12 and college students in teams of no more than six are eligible to participate and should register at by March 24. NICERC will release a dozen challenges at noon March 24 with additional challenges issued during the 24-hour competition window. CTF participants are not required to attend Dakota Strike in order to receive prizes.



“NICERC is proud to sponsor the Capture the Flag event at Dakota Strike,” said Chuck Gardner, Director of Curriculum for NICERC. “CTFs are an excellent learning tool for anyone interested in cybersecurity and can help sharpen these valuable skills. This opportunity mirrors how professional cybersecurity practitioners work, making it an important part of security education.”